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Now basketball is one of the most popular kinds of sports in the world. However, in no one country, except the USA, basketball didn't become a sport No. 1. But almost in all countries it is among the first. It is possible to judge about the popularity of basketball on this event that by the beginning of 1971 the international amateur federation of basketball which since 1947 includes also Federation of basketball of the USSR, united national federations of 127 countries. The bigger number of the countries enters only in athletics (143) and football (135) federations.

Basketball is especially popular in Baltic (in Lithuania it is, undoubtedly, the most favorite and most attended sport), and also in Ukraine and in Georgia.

Since 1947 the Soviet basketball players  participate in all some serious official international tournaments regularly— in the Olympic Games (unfortunately, only men's teams because the IOC opposes to  women's basketball , the World Cups and Europe, in draws of European Champions Cups and the Cup winners ' Cup (the last —  only for men's teams), in the European championships among girls and juniors.

Basketball —it is the collective sports game in which two teams on five people in everyone are competing. The purpose of the game consists in throwing a ball to a basket of opposite team the greatest number of times. For this purpose players pass a ball to each other or move ahead, beating a ball with a hand to a platform, and, having come nearer to a board, throw a ball into a basket. Two points are gained for ball hit to a basket in the course of the game, and for hit from a penalty shot — one point is set off.

Competition is won by those from two teams which will gather bigger quantity of points for 40 minutes of pure time. Rather small sizes of a platform — 26 x 14 m and the simple equipment — two stances with boards to which metal rings with goal nets are attached, allow to choose easily a place for game on each school, institute or factory yard, not mentioning parks, stadiums, collective farms and other places with the big territory. In gyms it is allowed to hold competitions on platforms 20 x 11 m. It promotes carrying out basketball trainings without interruption for all year.

Naturalness and a variety of the movements which have been the basis for game, as, for example: run, jumps, driving, passes and ball catching — and also the tactical plan of game and hard-fought battle for a ball cause a great interest for players and spectators.

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