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Friday (28 November)
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16:00 Schalken - Bruguera (AFAS Tennis Classics 2014)

Live Streaming Video Tennis : Exhibition Events
Friday (28 November) 16:00 (GMT +1)
Legends Tennis Tournament
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16:30 ITF Women's - Bogota

Live Streaming Video Tennis : ITF Women's
Friday (28 November) 16:30 (GMT +1)
Seguros Bolivar Open
YouTennis TV 5
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Flash Flash: Link#1
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18:45 Bahrami / Björkman - Krajicek / Haarhuis (AFAS Tennis Classics 2014)

Live Streaming Video Tennis : Exhibition Events
Friday (28 November) 18:45 (GMT +1)
Legends Tennis Tournament
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20:00 Roddick - Gonzalez (AFAS Tennis Classics 2014)

Live Streaming Video Tennis : Exhibition Events
Friday (28 November) 20:00 (GMT +1)
Legends Tennis Tournament
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The history of modern tennis begins in the second half of the XIX century. That time the game appeared with the title "laun-tennis" and more ancient game in premises was its predecessor. The Wimbledon tournament, the oldest from remained to present has being carried out since 1877, and the first competition of national teams — the Davis Cup — begins its history since 1900. Tennis is a part of the Olympic Games program nowadays, since the I Olympic Games which took place in 1896, but more than with semi centennial break which ended only in 1988 year. In the beginning tennis officially was an amateur kind of sport; the first players-professionals appeared in tennis in the 20th years of the XX century, and since the end of the 1960th years the so-called Open era began within which all tournaments became opened for fans and for professionals and were united in some large cycles ("rounds") under control of the international organizations ITF, ATP and WTA..Now you can watch free tennis live sport streams and follow the Grand Slam tournaments, a Series Masters, Davis Cups and Federations, and also decisive matches of other competitions by the lower rank. All of these spectators of NTV PLUS could see before, but tennis was often crossed with other sports. No matter, whether tennis gave the way, for example, to hockey or not — it inevitably caused discontent among people. With opening the tennis channel which can show live sport tennis fans of this game will have the opportunity to observe what is occurring on courts worldwide without any restrictions. You will see new thematic and author's programs. Rules of the game, master classes with stars, equipment, testing, forecasts and retrospectives, society column, doping scandals and many other things.

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